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Food is Medicine,

Food is Sustenance,

Food is Justice!

The consciousness we bring to the dinner table includes the attention to how our food is grown, where it is grown, whom we purchase it from and how it is prepared. All impact the world we live in.

The first half of my program focuses on guiding you through a personal path to a healthy lifestyle. The second half will include healthy living "recipes" with a consciousness towards the concept of participating in Tikkun Olam while also including delicious flavors from all over the world.
This is not your ordinary healthy lifestyle program.

My approach is definitely designed to give you some “food for thought”…. my hope is that you will love this site and all that it offers. Wellness programs are available to help give you a starting point in designing your own healthy lifestyle program by applying an "inside / out" approach. I firmly believe that integrating "Tikkun Olam" into your life, you'll need to begin with self.


To support my mission, I help health and wellness professionals and non-profit organizations develop an online business presence. If you are one who needs help with this, visit my "My Other Hat" site with information.

Food is Medicine, Food is Sustenance, Food is Justice! - Michael Pollan -





Tikkun Olam in the Kitchen book
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